The North Carolina Bartram Trail Society

NCBTS site photoThe NCBTS is a growing non-profit organization that maintains the North Carolina portion of the Bartram Trail. The NCBTS needed a simple yet dynamic website with content that they could manage themselves. We created this site with these things in mind:

  • Simplicity of design that would enhance, but not detract, from their message of environmental stewardship
  • Ease of navigation for those new to the site
  • Ability to handle and organize substantial and ever-growing site content
  • Ability to quickly publish announcements, events, and trail advisories on pages that would automatically notify site subscribers

Odessa Wellness CenterOdessa Wellness Center

Judy McClung, of Odessa Wellness Center, wanted a clean, simple site that would serve as a good conduit for her center’s message and mission. We created a site and populated it with her initial content that she now manages. Her site allows her:

  • Complete, user-friendly control of the site’s content
  • The ability to create announcements to which site visitors and clients can subscribe
  • To create an almost infinite number of new pages and organize them within the site
  • To have one central source for her site guests and clients to
    • browse and purchase books on her suggested reading list;
    • download and print important questionnaires, forms, and documents; and
    • access a list of suggested website references that enhance her service offerings is a personal website that promotes shortwave radio listening. We developed it to be extremely low bandwidth and viewable on mobile devices like the iPhone. Since this site is also promoted to countries with a developing communications infrastructure, we made sure its design is accessible with any browser and that it is optimized for dial-up modems. We used an open source, fluid, CSS template in our design. Other features include:

  • Rapid loading time of all pages as site template is so efficient
  • Fluid design lends itself to be presented on a wide array of monitors and mobile device displays
  • Site loads and displays information on legacy internet browsers
  • Simple tabbed page navigation that does not rely on graphics
  • Template is built on pure, clean CSS and XHTML